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Key Algorithms in Machine Learning

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard plenty of talk about Machine Learning and its business applications, including increased revenue, better[...]

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Boost your Sales with Predictive Analytics

Sales are still firmly entrenched in the last century with techniques such as cold calling, foot-in-the-door, pitching, and solution-selling across[...]

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5 Ways Turn Your Hotel into a Smart Hotel with IoT Analytics

IoT (Internet of Things) Analytics is revolutionizing service delivery in the hospitability industry. Many hotels already use IoT devices, including[...]

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Customer Sentiments: What do your customers actually think?

 4 Ways Sentiment Analysis Benefits Your Business

Modern social analytics tools expand the insights you can get into the performance of your products,[...]

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Give your web analytics a boost with heatmaps

Visualization helps you put huge sums of data gathered from web analytics tools into a visual format that’s easier to understand. Spreadsheets and[...]

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Fraud and scams are always evolving

But are financial institutions evolving fast enough to curb or pro-actively combat its risks?

Financial institutions are expected to safeguard client[...]

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Big Data and Analytics in Aviation

How IoT, Big Data and Analytics give wings to the Aviation Industry?

IoT technologies (Internet of Things) and analytics have played a major role in[...]

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Big Data Analytics for Talent Acquisition and Management

Why many organizations are leaning towards Big Data Analytics for Talent Acquisition and Management?

It is quite common to expect hiring professionals[...]

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Analytics in Banking

How Data Analytics Impact Banking

Customer acquisition and retention has always been primary drivers for any business. Given today’s stiff competition[...]

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Why you need a Big Data Strategy

Key to Business Survival: A Big Data Strategy for Risk Management

With the cost of storage dropping, thanks to cloud computing, data growth is[...]

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