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Leap Ahead of Employee Churn with HR Analytics

Human resources (HR) analytics helps you get insights into every aspect of your organization’s resourcing from hire and onboarding right through to[...]

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A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Approach to Data Exploration with Analance™

What if you can get insights into understanding your customers better, know what they need, and make inferences based on their mood? We’re now proud to[...]

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Deep Learning: What’s it Good For?

Making Computers See the World the Way We do

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When Blockchain Technology Meets Big Data & Analytics

Blockchain technology has been all over the news recently. With the explosion of bitcoin usage for digital transactions, blockchain is required to[...]

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Call Centre Analytics : Part 2 - Tracking every customer touchpoint to optimize the customer journey

After a sale, it is critical to ensure every touchpoint with the customer is handled skillfully. It is only possible to understand and improve a[...]

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Call Centre Analytics : Part 1 - Tracking every customer touchpoint to optimize call centre operations

Customer service is essential to any organization, especially for product-based companies offering support to customers around the clock. When an[...]

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When you know Analytics is the right way to go

Part 1: BI and Analytics Adoption Made Easy

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Key Algorithms in Machine Learning

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard plenty of talk about Machine Learning and its business applications, including increased revenue, better[...]

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Boost your Sales with Predictive Analytics

Sales are still firmly entrenched in the last century with techniques such as cold calling, foot-in-the-door, pitching, and solution-selling across[...]

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