Part 2: Optimizing the Customer Journey (Read Part 1 here)

After a sale, it is critical to ensure that every touchpoint with the customer is handled skillfully. It is only possible to understand and improve a customer’s journey by tracking key customer metrics and run analytics.

Organizations that know how to identify such gaps in the service provided using analyticsto further enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase revenue, and greater employee satisfactionwill see the rewards.

Churn is a common problem among almost all organization, but what is making your customers leave? What reduced customer satisfaction? And what is it about the interaction that upset customers? And what can you do to ensure customers have a better experience? These are just some of the questions keeping decision-makers up all night.

It is an even bigger nightmare when you only have disconnected analytics to look through and make the best inference that you can. However, being able to rely on someone or a partner to answer these questions can take away the guessing. Our analysts have answered very tough questions and delivered results time after time with Analance™.


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Real case. Have a look at the infographic generated for one of our clients tracking every customer touchpoint for product support. Being able to identify business problems at a glance allows your organization to handle challenges more proactively and with just a few changes, you can expect for a turnaround.

Maybe hiring agents with better communication skills or prioritizing training on product features are some of the quick changes you can make to impact customer experience, which will further reduce the likelihood of churn and/or negative product reviews.

Better visibility of the end-to-end customer journey helps! Having a holistic view on call centre analytics for example can easily identify customer pain points. Knowing why, when and for what reason customers are calling and further analyzing customer feedbacks caters an opportunity to better understand customer behavior and insights on how to provide a better customer experience.

Now, having all this data delivered to you in through an interactive dashboard or in the form of an infographic can give you a kick-start on executing a new plan faster. It is much easier to understand and digest (across the organization) than having to see day-to-day metrics in silo.

With Analance, you have the freedom to drill through data and key insights, but you can also compress the information to report key insights and the possible solutions to improve outcome.


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