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Topic: Banking Financial Services

Predicting fraud: Key predictors to protect financial institutions
By Fiona Villamor on March 10, 2020

An Analance™ business case With the technology today, electronic financial transactions offer a degree of convenience that simply cannot be...

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4 ways the banking industry can benefit from Predictive Analytics
By Fiona Villamor on April 24, 2019

Why is Predictive Analytics important? Customers are always expecting more and more from businesses, including financial institutions. They expect...

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How to fight fraud with Analytics
By Ducen on December 5, 2016

Fraud and scams are always evolving But are financial institutions evolving fast enough to curb or pro-actively combat its risks? Financial...

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How Data Analytics impacts the banking industry
By Ducen on October 4, 2016

Analytics in banking Customer acquisition and retention has always been the primary drivers for any business. Given today’s stiff competition in...

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