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Topic: Predictive Analytics

A Natural Language Processing approach to Data Exploration with Analance™
By Salma Aziz, MSc on April 19, 2018

What if you can get insights into understanding your customers better, know what they need, and make inferences based on their mood? We’re now...

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Deep Learning: How it works and its applications
By Salma Aziz, MSc on March 29, 2018

Making computers see the world the way we do Have you heard about the new buzz term in analytics, “Deep Learning”? Although it might seem like...

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Call Center Analytics: How to optimize the customer journey with customer touchpoints data
By Salma Aziz, MSc on March 8, 2018

Part 2: Optimizing the customer journey through Call Center Data Analytics (Read Part 1 here) After a sale, it is critical to ensure that every...

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Call Center Analytics: Optimizing operations with customer touchpoints
By Salma Aziz, MSc on March 1, 2018

Part 1: Optimizing operations through Call Center Analytics Customer service is essential to any organization, especially for product-based...

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4 reasons to use Predictive Analytics in sales
By Salma Aziz, MSc on November 14, 2017

Sales are still firmly entrenched in the last century with techniques such as cold calling, foot-in-the-door, pitching, and solution-selling...

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What are your customers saying?: 4 ways Sentiment Analysis benefits your business
By Ducen on October 31, 2017

Modern social analytics tools expand the insights you can get into the performance of your products, services, and related marketing campaigns....

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How Big Data and Analytics play a major role in the aviation industry
By Ducen on November 15, 2016

How IoT, Big Data, and Analytics give wings to the aviation industry IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and analytics have played a major role...

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Why organizations are using Big Data Analytics for talent acquisition
By Ducen on October 18, 2016

Big Data Analytics for talent acquisition and management It is quite common to expect hiring professionals to fill vacant positions on demand,...

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How Data Analytics impacts the banking industry
By Ducen on October 4, 2016

Analytics in banking Customer acquisition and retention has always been the primary drivers for any business. Given today’s stiff competition in...

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